Kathy’s Corner: Life is Transition and the Magic of Spring

Kathy’s Corner

Spring has Sprung!

I was much moved this year walking the beach, to notice for the first time that the hay-like beach grass,  each dead stalk, is really a sheath sheltering a new green blade of grass, a sheath that will fall away when the new stalk can survive on its own. Life out of death.

So do I notice my neighbor’s magnolia tree. Bare branches sprout soft pods that open into pink blossoms. They have their few days of glory and then descend to carpet the ground in color. Only then, leaves come.

All is in transition around us while we hang on to what we HAVE – money, job, reputation, family. This is our security, our stability. Is it really? Are we not, in our selves, in our souls, far vaster than THINGS? Is not CHANGE, procession from birth to death, our real story? The ‘taking in’ and ‘letting go’ our real state of being?

This is why I love meditation, especially in a group where we share our experience.  We contact our ‘higher, wiser selves’ and move with them through time and space learning and gaining perspective. If you haven’t experienced this, Pathways is a good place to start. It is not a substitute for church and religion, it is an opening to ALL YOU CAN BE.

I am eternally grateful!

What feeling do you have as life blossoms around you today?  Would love to hear from you in the comments below.  Blessings!-  Rev. Kathy

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