Guided Medition: Sacred Healing Journey by Rev Janet Philbin

Here is a profound guided journey masterfully led my Rev Janet Philbin, a Master Anra Healer and HypnoSynergistic Practitioner.  Sit quietly, set apart some sacred time and go with Janet on this wonderful healing.  It begins with a calm energy balancing and grounding, and then leads a deep release of anything that may be limiting you at this time.  Blessings




About Janet
Janet Philbin is a licensed clinical social worker
with over 20 years of experience.She is a
Certified Hypnotherapist,Certified Master An-Ra
energy healer and Certified Intuitive counselor.
Janet is also a Hypnosynergistic ® Therapy practitioner.

Janet specializes in infertility, loss, grieving,
depression, and anxiety. She uses hypnosis for
inner child healing, pain management,
post traumatic stress disorder, depression,
stress management, anxiety, phobias.  She also specializes in
Fertility issues.  She can be reached at

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