Gratitude: Can Disappointment Be Your GOOD Friend?


Most of us remember the popular song that laments “disappointment was my closest friend.” But, too often, when something happens contrary to our expectations, we see it as a betrayal by another, or a failure of our own. We often don’t take the time to see what opportunity has been orchestrated in our favor by the unexpected occurrence, which is choosing fatalism over opportunism. We react, instead of act. This is a common human trait. One way to break out of this habit, is to look back at some of the times we found ourselves disappointed, or otherwise subjected to a seemingly bad turn of plans. Can we see how this change may have prevented an even worse event for us? Even more important and evident, can we now, in retrospect, see how an unwelcome turn brought us to a completely different, and better outcome in our lives? One that was so amazing and impossible to imagine, that it took an outside influence to bring us to it?

The next time things come t you with an unexpected twist, look for the gift that may be hidden in there. There may be a silver lining. But be open-minded, because in the dynamics of an unexpected turn, it just may be a gold lining.

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